APM Monaco Paris Operá

The new APM image includes a double-height ceiling, with a central part made of oak slats. For lighting, a perimeter groove was created, which houses a modern and functional lighting system.

Preserving some elements of the old concept, we kept the herringbone oak floor, which gives a touch of timeless class. The walls covered in blue or white fabric maintain an elegant continuity with the past, enriching the space with a refined texture.

The display system has been renewed, including bookcase modules, large wall display cases, and display tables, which offer an excellent display of the products. Attention to detail emerges in the selected materials, including suede and oiled oak, which contribute to an atmosphere of luxury and refinement.


In the CAP3000 shopping center, the Nude shop is located, it presents a design showcase characterized by a particularity: the showcases of the islands.

The main objective of this project was to create a space that embodies elegance and modernity while offering a pleasant shopping experience. The furniture, all made with a glossy lacquer finish, creates an environment that exudes style and class. Curved furniture not only creates a unique visual impact but also contributes to smooth and intuitive circulation within the space. This touch of originality and creativity amplifies the customer experience, transforming each visit into a discovery of intriguing shapes and details.


The design of the display cabinet for Sara Loren jewelry at Fourth Season in Florence paid homage to the classic Italian style. Crafted from fine wood, the cabinet was conceived with a refined and elegant design, in line with the sophisticated atmosphere of the jewelry store.

Every detail was carefully attended to, from the graceful lines to the artistic inlays, capturing the essence of classic Italian design. The display cabinet was designed to enhance Sara Loren’s creations, creating an exclusive and captivating space for the precious jewelry.

APM Monaco CAP3000

The new APM Monaco store is located in the new commercial area of CAP3000. Adjacent to Nice Airport, this store is an elegant expression of the new APM concept, representing a harmonious fusion of style, innovation and functionality. The distinctive architecture of this space is emphasized by the imposing height of 5 meters, which creates an open and atmospheric environment.


The largest APM store in the world is located in Rome, precisely in Via Frattina 116. This extraordinary space covers over 300 square meters divided into three levels. The store takes on a dual role as it is both APM’s main showcase and the company’s Italian headquarters. Its creation was an authentic tour de force, carried out with exceptional speed: the building site lasted just under three months.

The store has been completely demolished and rebuilt. Inaugurates the new APM concept, a space characterized by excellent finishes and an atmosphere that takes the customer on a journey through themed rooms. Each room has its own distinctive identity, emphasized by the graphics on the walls, exclusive furnishings and custom-made carpets.

In the course of the renovation, a discovery caught our attention: a wall with a brick arch emerged on the ground floor. This has undergone a delicate sandblasting treatment to recover its authentic beauty. On the second floor, a second brick arch has been masterfully reconstructed, reflecting respect for the past.

One of the hallmarks of this shop is the staircase, cleverly covered with a custom fabric that represents an example of bespoke craftsmanship. The illuminating masterpiece of this environment is the Noctambule chandelier by Flos, which in the future will also shine in the shops of Hong Kong and Paris, expanding its aesthetic appeal well beyond the confines of Rome.


The main APM Monaco store, located in the Metropole Shopping Center in Monte Carlo, has inaugurated the first current APM concept. This space, which extends over almost 200 square meters, was a pioneer in the adoption of the new concept, presenting high-level finishes that testify to the quality of the materials used.


Design of the furnishings and fittings for the Vicenza Calcio shop, which reflects the fervor and passion for sport. Every aspect of this space has been carefully planned, from the layout of the rooms to the setting up of the iron furniture in the shop windows, creating an engaging environment dedicated to enthusiasts.

The design of the furnishings had the optimization of space as its main objective. The layout of the spaces has been studied to favor the fluidity of circulation.

A distinctive detail of this project is represented by the iron furniture. These furnishings with a robust and contemporary character not only highlight the products on display, but also give a feeling of solidity and authenticity.


We are at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice, where we gave birth to the Fila event. Our design of the display was a creative exploration.

We embraced a bold vision using construction site structures to create a unique environment that followed the distinctive lines of the Fila brand. This choice has made it possible to create a marriage between aesthetics and context, transforming construction site structures into design elements.

The staging has transformed the space into a compelling fusion of textures and shapes. Each element has been carefully crafted to embrace Fila’s DNA and offer an immersive experience for attendees.

Calzedonia • Intimissimi NEW YORK

In the heart of the Soho district in New York, two icons of Italian fashion make their way: the Intimissimi and Calzedonia stores. The layout of these spaces reflects the sophistication that characterizes the Italian stores of the two companies. Every detail, from the captivating windows to the interior furnishings, has been masterfully designed to capture the elegant and seductive essence of the two brands.

Intimissimi BOSTON

In bustling Boston, a new space of elegance and style materializes with the opening of the Intimissimi store. This exclusive space was created with a layout design that recalls the distinctive features of the Italian store line.

The Intimissimi store in Boston is much more than a place to shop; it is an immersive experience in which design and finishes come together to tell a story of Italian beauty and craftsmanship. The finishes have been selected with the utmost attention to recall the timeless elegance that distinguishes the brand. Top-quality materials blend harmoniously to create a welcoming and sophisticated environment, reflecting the distinctive style of Intimissimi.