The largest APM store in the world is located in Rome, precisely in Via Frattina 116. This extraordinary space covers over 300 square meters divided into three levels. The store takes on a dual role as it is both APM’s main showcase and the company’s Italian headquarters. Its creation was an authentic tour de force, carried out with exceptional speed: the building site lasted just under three months.

The store has been completely demolished and rebuilt. Inaugurates the new APM concept, a space characterized by excellent finishes and an atmosphere that takes the customer on a journey through themed rooms. Each room has its own distinctive identity, emphasized by the graphics on the walls, exclusive furnishings and custom-made carpets.

In the course of the renovation, a discovery caught our attention: a wall with a brick arch emerged on the ground floor. This has undergone a delicate sandblasting treatment to recover its authentic beauty. On the second floor, a second brick arch has been masterfully reconstructed, reflecting respect for the past.

One of the hallmarks of this shop is the staircase, cleverly covered with a custom fabric that represents an example of bespoke craftsmanship. The illuminating masterpiece of this environment is the Noctambule chandelier by Flos, which in the future will also shine in the shops of Hong Kong and Paris, expanding its aesthetic appeal well beyond the confines of Rome.