Inspection and surveys

In the context of a refurbishment, furniture renewal, or room restyling project, one of the fundamental steps involves an accurate site inspection to detect precise measurements of the intervention spaces. The inspection is a crucial phase, carried out meticulously by our expert team, to capture millimeter measurements of the rooms, also considering the layout of the systems and structural constraints.

Once this initial phase has been completed, we proceed with the creation of the project, dialoguing with the client to reflect his tastes and ideas, giving life to a customized renovation or furnishing plan. Furthermore, to guarantee optimal service, we carefully follow all the construction phases directly on-site.

After sales assistance

The relationship with the client goes beyond the simple conclusion of the work; on the contrary, the after-sales service represents an inseparable element of our bond of trust with the customer, consolidating our role as a precious ally to promptly deal with any problems.

We have always supported the value of collaboration, promoting open, direct and long-term relationships with our customers. For this reason, we are always available during the after-sales phase to resolve any doubts or minor inconveniences.

Our team is ready to intervene at any time if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting at our studio in Vicenza, or visit our website to explore some of our most recent projects. We are here for you.

Paperwork management

Our extensive experience in managing interior design and refurbishment projects, both commercial and residential, has provided our team with solid expertise in all technical aspects of projects. From managing construction paperwork to overseeing fieldwork, we operate with a flexible and hands-on approach.

Dealing with the construction phase for a renovation requires a deep understanding of current regulations and bureaucratic processes. Our team takes care not only to evaluate the feasibility of the project, but also to present all the necessary documents to the Municipal Office or to the Fair Authority in the case of trade fair installations. We guarantee an accurate analysis of the architectural and safety aspects, as well as a complete management of the bureaucratic procedures.

If you are thinking of renovating your home or commercial space, rely on experienced professionals. We are available in our studio in Vicenza or you can explore some of our projects on our website. We will be happy to accompany you in every phase of your project.