Among the hills of the Côte d’Azur, stands an elegant villa located in Èze, France. This home embodies the harmony between the surrounding natural beauty and the refined design of the interiors, with particular attention to the creation of custom-made furnishings in precious Canaletto walnut. The warm shades of wood give warmth and depth to the spaces, creating a welcoming and enveloping atmosphere.


On the peninsula of Cap Ferrat, in France, stands a refined and enchanting villa, the result of careful and scrupulous planning of the rooms and spaces. Every aspect of this home has been meticulously cared for, paying particular attention and care to detail and the materials used.

The interiors of this villa stand out for the elegance and simplicity of its warm and welcoming furnishings. The furnishings have been carefully selected, favoring quality and comfort. Clean lines and simple shapes combine with natural materials, such as fine wood and soft fabrics. The soft colors blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape, making the interiors a natural extension of external beauty


In the hills of Vicenza, we have completed an interior design project. One of the focal points of this proposal is the kitchen, made in black fenix. This choice gives the kitchen sophisticated beauty and durability. The dark shades of fenix add depth and warmth to the room, creating a fascinating contrast with the other furnishing elements.

The hood integrated into the hob represents an elegant design solution, which not only emphasizes the aesthetic aspect but also improves its efficiency. This minimalist and avant-garde solution creates a clean and clutter-free environment, where functionality merges with aesthetics.


In the small French town of La Turbie, there is a house that embodies a fusion of contemporary style and timeless sophistication. The spaces of this villa have been treated with a great passion for detail. The interiors, characterized by modern furnishings and clean lines, reflect the essence of contemporary design. The spaces offer a bright and welcoming environment in which the nuances of the external landscape blend harmoniously with the interior.

The color palette of the interiors is a faithful reproduction of the shades that paint the surrounding landscape. From delicate shades of beige to muted sky tones, each color has been carefully selected to evoke the natural beauty that embraces the villa.