APM Monaco

In 2018, the exhibition of the APM Monaco stand was held at the prestigious Basel World Fair. This event marked a significant moment in the history of the brand, as it was the first time the innovative concept of the store was presented.

The lounge was furnished with attention to the smallest details, precious materials that conveyed hospitality and brand recognition. Here, guests could immerse themselves in the creations of APM Monaco, surrounded by an atmosphere of tranquility and opulence.

The offices and concept stores were the perfect fusion of functionality and design. This section of the stand was a dynamic environment where brand representatives could interact with visitors.

A distinctive element of the APM Monaco stand was the creative use of materials. The stone slabs that covered the space gave it an aura of authenticity and refinement. The fusion between the delicacy of the jewels and the solidity of the stone created a fascinating contrast, which reflected the very essence of APM Monaco: the perfect harmony between strength and beauty.