The difference is there… and it’s plain to see

The product offered by Visualpoint is always devised for each client: it is made exclusively for the project at issue, personalized in trims and materials to the needs of the commissioning body.
Visualpoint, with a wealth of technical and management experience acquired throughout the years, is engaged in many sectors. Shops, restaurants, private clinics, offices, private residences.
With its staff of professionals and a large number of related people, Visualpoint is especially addressed to clients who, besides high-level quality products, also request professional quality services.

  • Andrea Sovilla – General Manager
  • Alessia Negrin – Coordinator
  • Valeria Spina – Administration
  • Stefano Fontana – Project Manager
  • Marta Pizzolato – Engineer, Project Manager
  • Nadia Mattiuzzi – Senior Architect
  • Nicoletta Rigon – Graphic Designer
  • Stefano Volpe – Sales Manager